Dionysus Vintage

Plot Synopsis

Plot Synopsis

Over the last few years there has been a marked increase in the activities of Humanis Polyclubs. Seeing no threats to their interests, the Corps have not been inclined to get involved, until recently In the past six or seven months new tactics have included raids on corporate warehouses, data stores, and pharmaceutical outlets. The corps are unsure if data was copied or altered. Raw materials don’t appear to have been stolen. Mostly crates and packaging were opened and the contents destroyed in apparent retaliation for some corporate action. No direct links with the Polyclubs has been uncovered, but corp security has its suspicions. On the surface the raids appear to be random and unrelated. They do show evidence of thorough organization and efficient planning. Each appears to be the work of different runner teams. There have been an increasing number of meta human deaths from severe allergic reactions. The number of these deaths is well beyond the norm and spiraling. An increase of extraction cases has also been noted. Research scientists in all fields have begun to drop out of sight. While some of these ‘victims’ have returned, all that did report unexplained memory loss of the time involved during their disappearances. Few have later risen to higher life styles. Underground contacts report a boom in runner recruitment as well as new influx of ‘hard cash’ in the black market. Many moderately successful runners, and even whole teams, have been reported dead. Despite the efforts of Lone Star, corporate security agencies, and government police it appears that a major confrontation is underway between the Polyclubs and meta human rights activists, using the corporate environment as their battleground.

Strange things have been happening in the matrix as well. Corporate node icons have been altered overnight into figures of the paranormal or mythological. Irate corp execs have had their staff change them back only to later find those repairs undone. Several hackers new to the matrix have reported seeing signs of the infamous blue and white circus tent of Saint Louis Blue once again in the matrix. Of course such claims surface every few years and are generally ignored.

Street deaths due to bad bioware and BTL chips have begun to increase, mostly among meta humans.

Irregularities in Doc Wagon service have also increased.

Although most of this has been covered up, enough rumors have reached the public to create a boom for the smaller armed paramedical agencies, and even the birth of new ones.

Large charitable donations have been made to research facilities of all kinds. All of the largest donations have been made anonymously.

Rumors of the formation of an army of the New Human Race have spread through the ranks of the Polyclubs.

Similar rumors of superhuman vat spawn have created new boogey men for meta human children.

New biotech has hit the black market. It’s very expensive and so far appears to be unreliable and even unstable.

Over the last ten years many new private correctional facilities have sprung up in keeping with the corporatization of government.

Squatters have begun to disappear from the worst of the sprawl’s rat hole slums, even some from the beds of the Universal Brotherhood’s free clinics and other such charitable organizations.

Just off old I-75 between Buckhead’s Crash Cart facility and the regional heli-port complex is a bar called Pegleg’s Cove. It’s a long way from the ocean and nobody knows where it got the name. The place is a hangout for a local razor gang called the Moon Slashers. It’s also a fairly good place to fence tech.
When the Slashers were in their prime, the place used to exhibit a lot more prosperity. Now most of the simsense booths no longer function, and many have been scavenged to keep the working ones in operation. The place is still visited occasionally by runners looking for info on used tech.

Someone has contacted the player characters individually and/or in groups with an offer of employment. It seemed to them a little off track to have the meet at Pegleg’s Cove, but then 5000 NuYen each as front money made it worth their while to check it out.
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